Your Voucher

From time to time we send discount vouchers to customers and send them with our newsletter. These vouchers usually offer a discount against a purchase if you spend more than a minimum amount as specified on the voucher.
They are also usually valid for a particular category of product. The category of a product is the heading that the item is found under as listed in the menu on the left of your screen.
Please note that vouchers are offered one per customer and cannot be combined with other discount promotions or special offers and cannot be redeemed for cash. Please also note the expiry date on your voucher.

Booking Your Voucher

You will have received a code with your voucher which you can enter in the shopping basket. You need to be logged in to your customer account to enter a voucher code.
Once you have entered the code the voucher will be registered in the system and a link will appear in the shopping basket; clicking the link will open a window displaying the details of the voucher.
Please note that if you log out without using the voucher by placing an order, the voucher will not be saved in the system and you must enter the code again the next time you log in.

Spending Your Voucher

When you are at the check out the voucher that you booked previously will automatically be applied to your purchases, provided the basket contains items in a valid category that exceed the minimum order value of the voucher. Items not in the categories listed on the voucher do not count towards the minimum order value of the voucher.

Multiple Vouchers

Please note that the system does not accept more than one voucher at a time. If you enter a voucher code in the shopping basket before using a previous voucher, the previous voucher will be over-written and only the new voucher will be held in the system.
If you still require the previous voucher, re-enter the code in the shopping basket. To use more than one voucher, please make multiple purchases using one voucher per purchase.