Privacy & Personal Data

Personal Data

Personal data collected by us in the process of business transactions is saved using an electronic data handling system for the purposes of completing said transactions. All collected data will be handled with the utmost care in a trustworthy manner.

Collection of Personal Data

We will only collect data for the purposes of concluding transactions instigated by you and use that data to complete the contracted transactions and for fulfilling agreed services. Personal data will only be saved by us in accordance with your permission.

Processing and Use of Personal Data

The processing and use of data collected from you includes saving, changing, transferring, blocking and deleting that, or a part of that, data.
No part of your personal data will be passed to third parties, with the exception of those partners with whom we work for the purposes of completing an agreed transaction. In such cases we comply strictly with the laws regarding such matters according to the country of our company registration, namely the UK, and will work with the minimum transfer of data possible.

We furthermore declare that the use of your personal data for the purposes of any marketing action, service or newsletter will only be made with your express consent.

You consent to the processing of personal data collected by us from you. You have the right to repeal your data at any time with immediate effect from that moment. Please find our contact details in the company information section if you wish to assert that right.

Use of Cookies

Our website makes use at various times of cookies. Cookies are small text files that a saved by your browser on your computer and are used to improve the service, working and user-friendly attributes of our website. Cookies also enable our website to recognise which browser you are using and help fulfil our service offer. Cookies do not contain personal data.

To opt-out or block cookies please change your privacy settings in your browser. You can decide what information is stored on your computer when surfing the internet by changing your browser privacy settings. Please note that if you disable cookies you will be unable to make a purchase through our website.

Third party cookies are used on our site to help us capture information such as which orders were not completed and which type of products you may be interested in. These Cookies are used for marketing purposes and so that we can refine our offer.